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Breach of contract alleged against three defendants

Business contracts are created every day between business entities or even between businesses and their clients. Florida companies and their representatives understand the importance of ensuring all contract terms are clearly outlined as a means to obtaining the protection needed in the event of a contract dispute. Such a dispute can involve many things like deceptive trade practices, allegations of fraud, breach of contract or more.

New business litigation recently filed by the AMG Resources Corporation centers around an alleged breach of contract and involves three different companies and defendants. The plaintiff is attempting to receive a settlement from a prior claim that is as of yet unpaid in the amount of nearly $24,000. That settlement was arrived at in February of this year after a suit was filed in July of 2013. The original suit was due to a rail car purchase made by AMG Resources Corporation in August of 2011. 

Of the 189 cars ordered, reports indicate that 29 cars were never received and another 47 cars were received after the promised date. The three companies named as defendants in the case are Watco Transportation Services, Triangle Professional Services and Greenrock Capital Company. It is not known whether or not the defendants admit to any errors or whether they deny all wrongdoing.

Business disputes such as the above can happen even between companies with longstanding relationships and prior good histories. In such situations, it may be helpful to ensure that all contracts and problems are discussed with experienced attorneys.

Source: Southeast Texas Record, “AMG accuses three companies of contract breach,” Ashley Perry, November 21, 2014

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