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December 2014 Archives

Key elements to making a business partnership work

When starting a new business in Florida, entrepreneurs have several different business models that they can follow to establish the business. A partnership is one of these and, like any other operational model, it has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. People interested in setting up a new business partnership should be sure to do their homework ahead of time and follow some basic steps that can help make their experiences positive.

What are the timeframes for filing construction defect claims?

Individuals or businesses in the construction sector in Florida have many issues to contend with. From concerns about maintaining safe work environments to threats of construction litigation from clients not satisfied for some reason, each day can pose a new problem. It is important for anyone operating a construction business to understand the state’s process for handling claims that allege problems in a construction project.

The nuances of trade secrets

It is not uncommon for Florida businesses to have some type of special ideas or plans unique to their operations and critical to their success. From marketing plans to concepts for new products, such trade secrets should be treated with care to ensure they facilitate the results desired by companies.  

What functions should not be given to a company president?

When setting up a company structure, the choice of which tasks to delegate can be one of the most difficult for many business owners in Florida. Even when operating as a sole proprietorship the option to outsource some functions can still be a consideration, making this decision truly one that every person who owns a business must face. The decisions made in this realm can affect many things including how business disputes are handled and more.

Breach of contract alleged against three defendants

Business contracts are created every day between business entities or even between businesses and their clients. Florida companies and their representatives understand the importance of ensuring all contract terms are clearly outlined as a means to obtaining the protection needed in the event of a contract dispute. Such a dispute can involve many things like deceptive trade practices, allegations of fraud, breach of contract or more.

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