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What construction defect issues are most common?

When Florida residents, building managers or owners experience problems with a building, they automatically assume that the builder or developer is to blame. This belief can lead to unnecessary business litigation between clients and construction professionals. Therefore, it is important for those in the construction industry to understand some of the common construction defects that can occur or that can be alleged.

A BrickUndersground.com article identifies some of the most commonly alleged construction defects that can face developers and contractors. One of these defects includes leaks from either windows or facades. Today, architects are creating buildings that are aesthetically beautiful but require multiple components, making their installation more challenging than with older designs. To avoid problems with leaks, it is important for developers and construction companies to make sure that they use the proper installation techniques and double-check the work to make sure these windows and glass walls are water-tight.

Problems related to exhaust or ventilation, especially in multi-floor buildings, can lead to a construction dispute between various parties involved in the building process. Seals designed to prevent the spread of fire around pipes, conduits and other similar elements are also commonly involved in construction litigation but once the new owner takes over, it is important that they maintain those seals to prevent failure. When owners or managers fail to properly care for seals and a pipe leaks, it is easier for them to simply blame the problem on bad construction.

Warping or mold development in wood floors, especially engineered flooring, can happen when construction crews fail to acclimate it to its new environment before installing it. To prevent issues, developers and crew supervisors should take special precautions to ensure that this type of flooring is correctly laid.

When a problem does arise, it is important to determine whether the fault lies with something the developer or contractor failed to do or with the property manager or owner. , Solid contracts can guard construction professionals against unfair allegations. This information is not to be taken as legal advice, but merely a general understanding of construction defect litigation.

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