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September 2014 Archives

How do franchises work?

There are many different types of business structures that can be created and operated such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and LLCs. For some Florida companies, the choice to create a franchise company or to enter into a franchise business ends up being a viable and attractive option. The ability for individuals to start businesses with the support of larger organizations can make something possible that otherwise would not be. Franchising one’s successful recipe for a business can provide a lucrative means of growing a business and a brand without the need for hands-on involvement in all outlets.

What is the Americans with Disabilities Act?

In 1990, then-president George Bush signed a new law that was known as the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA is national legislation aimed at broadening the civil rights protection given to persons with qualifying disabilities. Many Florida businesses or property owners have had to learn about the ADA and ensure that their practices and facilities are in line with this law. This requires a good level of understanding about what exactly the Americans with Disabilities Act does and does not require from employers.

Understanding subguard insurance

The use of subcontractors by Florida general contractors is commonplace, especially for large and complex construction projects. Performance bonds once were the industry’s primary way of protecting contractors against the default or poor workmanship of subcontractors. However, today, subcontractor default insurance has become the new standard. This form of coverage is commonly referred to as subguard insurance in reference to its official brand name from one particular insurance company.

What types of insurance should contractors have?

Whether small or large, Florida contractors must carry appropriate insurance coverage to protect them from serious consequences and unmanageable claims. There is no one type of insurance policy that can protect a contractor in all cases. Therefore, multiple policies must be held in order to maintain maximum coverage and protection.

What is Section 558?

Section 558 is a portion of Florida law the outlines a process for alternative means of resolving construction dispute cases aside from pursuing litigation. It outlines the requirements for all parties and details the legally stipulated timelines as well. The goal of Section 558 is to provide a means by which property owners can remain protected against construction defects while simultaneously reducing the number of lawsuits initiated.

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