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August 2014 Archives

Franchise sector shows growth, especially in key areas

Florida businesses have been working hard to regain footing after the recent recession. During this time, some new businesses have even been launched, many of which have been franchises. As noted in a recent Forbes article, franchise business contracts have proven more successful in some areas than non-franchise operations in the past few years. The article noted that people with little to no formal education or experience can benefit from purchasing a franchise business because of the inherent assistance provided by the franchisor.  

Understanding breaches of contract

Companies in and around Miami enter into business contracts on a daily basis. These contracts may be made with individuals, other businesses in Florida, businesses in other states and even government entities. Contract disputes can arise over varying issues and one of the most commonly known issues is a breach of contract. As identified by Black’s Law Dictionary, this is alleged when one party believes that the other has not fulfilled an obligation of the contractual relationship.

Technology giants at odds in new lawsuit

Multiple business contracts are developed and signed every day around the nation. Florida companies negotiate and agree to terms relating to the sale of businesses, partnerships, fiduciary duties, intellectual property and more. Much of the time, these agreements are carried through without issue. Sometimes, however, a contract dispute will arise leaving one or both parties with no option but to pursue business litigation in an effort to seek resolution.

Urban redevelopment sought through commercial purchases

Florida’s commercial real estate market has weathered many ups and downs in the past decade. This has had ripple effects in many industries including construction, commercial mortgages, property-management companies and more. Additionally, venture capital, franchising issues and zoning laws are just some of the topics that may be addressed during the sales and purchase of commercial real estate.

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