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High school faces lawsuit from former employee

The laws that govern the relationships between employees and employers in the United States may sometimes be common between states. However, many laws differ from state to state. Even in these cases, Floridians can learn from situations that take place in other parts of the country, especially when business litigation is the path to resolution of a problem.

An all-girls Catholic high school in California is under scrutiny now and lost a recent attempt to avoid a wrongful discharge lawsuit. The plaintiff, the former English department head and dance coach, worked at St. Lucy’s Priory High School in Glendora between 1998 and 2013 when he was terminated after marrying his gay partner. Reports indicated that the school’s attorney said that the separation between church and state should have prevented an employment law case from being initiated.

A judge, however, disagreed and recently ruled that the former teacher could go forward with his legal case against the high school based upon his civil rights. The marriage took place immediately following the state’s reversal of Proposition 8 which had banned gay marriage. The couple was featured in a local paper including pictures of them. The lawsuit alleges breach of contract, wrongful termination and violation of state labor codes.

The outcome of this case may not be known for some time but it does indicate the importance to any business of staying protected. Finding the right legal help when an employment litigation defense is needed can be one way to navigate such circumstances.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “Judge: Gay Catholic School Teacher Reportedly Fired For Marrying Partner Can Sue School,”  June 18, 2014

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