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Businesses defending their actions in pool accident

Florida businesses everywhere engage in contractual relationships on a daily basis. These may be with other businesses or with end consumers or individuals. In either case, these contracts are intended to provide protection for all parties in the event of future problems. Companies that may face retaliation from customers when tragic accidents happen look to their contracts to help them avoid unfair judgments in commercial litigation.

Four companies today are facing such a situation together as they have all been named as defendants in a new lawsuit. At the center of the case is an alleged problem with underwater pool lighting at a residential location. Three of the four defendants are Florida businesses. They include a company that inspected the pool when the home was bought in August of 2009, a contractor that worked on the lighting system at the home two months later and the company that provided weekly maintenance and cleaning of the pool. The fourth defendant is the manufacturer of key lighting components.

The wrongful death suit was initiated because of the death of a young boy. The family’s assertion is that the product liability and many other breaches caused the error and ultimate death of their son. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission does assert that underwater lighting in pools accounts for a large portion of problems in pools or hot tubs but that does not necessarily mean that is the case every time.

Business disputes are an unfortunate reality in our world. For this reason, contracts and the legal system are required. Companies who find themselves accused of wrongdoing may wish to talk to experienced lawyers for guidance in these situations.

Source: MarketWatch.com, “Colson Hicks Eidson Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit On Behalf of Seven-Year-Old-Calder Sloan,”  June 25, 2014

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