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July 2014 Archives

Contract dispute results in award for construction company

Any business contract has the potential to be challenged in some way down the road. For complex construction projects, the costs and scopes involved can be extremely great. Florida residents and businesses have seen many such situations over the years. Such contract disputes can result in lengthy and costly business litigation, requiring a judge’s input before final decisions are reached.

Environmental issues of commercial real estate

People purchasing commercial property in Florida have many things to consider before drafting a purchase agreement and signing a final contract. This is the case whether working with individual owners or working with developers. Issues include zoning laws, details regarding real estate land use, and property-management companies as well as details about the specific building or land. If sufficient due diligence is not done up front, the risk of commercial real estate litigation happening later on may increase.

Contract dispute brewing between company and state

Contractual relationships of all kinds exist for very good reasons. Businesses and individuals each desire and rightfully need the ability to ensure that what is promised to them actually comes to fruition. Contract enforcement also provides options for restitution if needed. Thousands of Floridians enter into contracts daily whether personally or professionally with the goal of successful completion of the terms.

Businesses defending their actions in pool accident

Florida businesses everywhere engage in contractual relationships on a daily basis. These may be with other businesses or with end consumers or individuals. In either case, these contracts are intended to provide protection for all parties in the event of future problems. Companies that may face retaliation from customers when tragic accidents happen look to their contracts to help them avoid unfair judgments in commercial litigation.

High school faces lawsuit from former employee

The laws that govern the relationships between employees and employers in the United States may sometimes be common between states. However, many laws differ from state to state. Even in these cases, Floridians can learn from situations that take place in other parts of the country, especially when business litigation is the path to resolution of a problem.

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