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Florida mansion subject of multiple construction defect claims

Florida construction companies, contractors and real estate sellers can sometimes face many challenges. Disenchanted buyers may be eager to find fault when problems occur and the builders or sellers are common targets of this. Construction defect litigation can be extremely complex and take a long amount of time to resolve, costing a great deal of angst and money for companies if not well represented.

One case in Sarasota has involved both a lawsuit against multiple defendants since 2010 as well as an arbitration case that was begun in 2012. The purchaser is the initiator of all of the legal action that pertains to a 21,000-square foot private mansion, the largest in the area. The plaintiff asserts that there were multiple construction defects that were not properly disclosed to him during the purchasing process.

The arbitration case is against the seller and the lawsuits have been filed against several of the subcontractors who worked on the home. The plaintiff purchased the mansion in October 2008 for nearly $19 million. Water damage is at the heart of the dispute between the parties with the plaintiff filing suit against more than 12 defendants and asserting that a conspiracy was in place regarding the alleged defects.

Companies in the construction industry must deal with such accusations all too frequently. Talking to an experienced attorney can be a good way to learn how to guard against problems with an engineering project or erroneous judgments in construction litigation. Staying protected is the right of every construction manager and company.

Source: Herald Tribune, “A water damage saga on Bay Shore Road,” Harold Bubil, May 31, 2014

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