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June 2014 Archives

Condo complex subject of real estate litigation

Real estate developments can include many complexities. Whether residential or commercial buildings, the issues that can arise are many and can affect developers, builders, tenants and more. Florida companies involved in building and related business matters understand the importance of fair trade practices and clear contracts. When business disputes concerning such contracts arise, sometimes litigation is required to seek resolution.

Real estate breach of contract lawsuit filed over resource lease

Florida businesses understand that real estate transactions of any nature can be extremely complex. From a simple home sale to a complex commercial business transaction, the range of issues is great but the risks are equally ever present. Despite the best attempts at defining clear contracts and terms, contract disputes can arise at any time.

Florida mansion subject of multiple construction defect claims

Florida construction companies, contractors and real estate sellers can sometimes face many challenges. Disenchanted buyers may be eager to find fault when problems occur and the builders or sellers are common targets of this. Construction defect litigation can be extremely complex and take a long amount of time to resolve, costing a great deal of angst and money for companies if not well represented.

School district files breach of contract suit

Florida businesses or other entities that engage in business contracts have the right to expect the terms of all agreements to be adhered to. In cases where that does not happen and some form of business disputes ensues, help with contract enforcement or an associated defense may be in order. That may include filing lawsuits for breach of contract in some extreme cases.

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