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Home builder sued by clients for alleged foundation issues

Florida construction companies have many issues to contend with. From employment concerns to contract disputes and more, the list of concerns can become long all too quickly. Fortunately, a large percentage of the time, construction jobs can be completed without issue. For those times when problems do arise, however, businesses in the construction industry may find themselves in need of legal help to stay protected.

A construction company based in Galveston, Texas is currently facing such a situation. A story that was recently published in the media indicates that construction litigation has been initiated against Sandcastle Construction for alleged construction defects in a single family home. The plaintiffs have filed their suit in Galveston County District Court asserting that the construction project left their home with multiple serious cracks in the foundation.

The lawsuit claims both negligence and breach of contract have taken place. The article does not indicate how much the family is seeking in damages but does say that their goal is to recoup sufficient damages in order to make necessary repairs to the home that would deem it livable. They are also requesting that the defendant pay all attorneys’ fees. No details were given as to the nature of the construction project’s problems or how the plaintiff believes the cracks are believed to have been introduced. It also does not provide any information on the defendant’s position in the case.

A complex construction dispute can be a very unpleasant and difficult experience for many construction companies, especially small businesses. Finding the right legal help is one thing that can sometimes help contractors facing these problems by offering solid experience and assistance.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Sandcastle Construction sued after home’s foundation begins cracking,” Annie Cosby, April 24, 2014

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