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May 2014 Archives

Reform law governing construction defects considered

Construction companies in Florida must navigate customer requests, contract negotiations, employment issues and more on a regular basis. When a construction customer, either residential or commercial, is unhappy for any reason, the developer or construction company must also attend to that. While making customers happy is important for any business, so too is receiving fair treatment from customers. When a complex construction dispute emerges over a construction defect concern, litigation can often be the resolution path that customers choose.

FedEx facing former employee lawsuit

Florida employers go to great lengths to recruit, hire and train the right employees. The cost of managing a workforce can be great and there are many areas in which problems can occur. Disgruntled employees or under-performing employees can cause turmoil among morale and damage business relationships. If cases are severe enough with a particular business dispute between an employee and an employer, legal help may be necessary.

Wrongful discharge lawsuit filed by former school superintendent

Florida businesses have many issues with which to contend on a daily basis. From concerns about customer loyalty and vendor contracts to employment disputes and more, there truly is no shortage to the number of problems that can arise for today’s business owners. Depending upon the situation, a business dispute may be amicably resolved or it may require professional and even legal intervention. Business litigation can affect both private and public entities at any time.

Home builder sued by clients for alleged foundation issues

Florida construction companies have many issues to contend with. From employment concerns to contract disputes and more, the list of concerns can become long all too quickly. Fortunately, a large percentage of the time, construction jobs can be completed without issue. For those times when problems do arise, however, businesses in the construction industry may find themselves in need of legal help to stay protected.

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