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Supreme Court to decide intellectual property case this month

Business lawsuits can encompass many types of actions. It may be focused on a contract dispute, an employment issue such as sexual harassment or wrongful termination, it may be related to an asserted breach of contract or more. Business owners in Miami and around the nation must carefully monitor their actions and those of the businesses with whom they interact to maintain appropriate relations and functions. When problems do arise that cannot be amicably decided, business litigation can provide an arena to settle matters.

A current media story reported on an intellectual property dispute currently being decided upon by the United States Supreme Court. The case directly relates to the sharing and watching of online television performances but a decision about it could have an impact far beyond the world of television viewing. Several broadcasting companies are asserting that a company that began offering free Internet television capability in February 2012 should not be allowed to continue to do so.

If this decision is agreed upon by the justices of the high court, it could lead the way for related governance over the world of cloud computing. In the current case, anything identified as a process or a device that broadcasts performances over the Internet would need to license, copyright and pay for every instance. The definitions could include the cloud as one such process or device. This would dramatically limit today’s functionality of the cloud which promises and delivers always-present access to data.

The need for businesses to protect critical interests and streams of income and operation is strong. When key issues develop, working with a law firm experienced in business litigation may offer the assistance that business owners and management needs.

Source: Huffington Post, “TV Viewers, the Cloud Computing Industry, and Internet Users Watch Supreme Court Copyright Clash,” Edward J. Black, April 22, 2014

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