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Florida had second highest rate of discrimination cases

The world of employment law is complex with both employers and employees deserving the right for fair treatment at all times. A business dispute that erupts over employment regulations, wrongful discharge or another related topic can be challenging for both sides. Florida employers are often at risk of false accusations from employees for many reasons and have a strong need to protect from lawsuits that are unfair to them.

A recent article that was published in the news highlighted the latest statistics for harassment and discrimination claims filed with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for 2013. Overall, the agency noted that more disputes were solved without the need to file formal claims than not. Also, the number of claims filed represents a decrease by almost six percent compared to the prior year’s filings. In all, 93,727 cases were filed in 2013.

Florida had the second highest number of all filings in the state with a total of 7,597 cases following only Texas with 9,068. California, Georgia and Illinois rounded out the top five states. The most common reason cited for filing was retaliation followed by racial discrimination, sexual harassment or discrimination and then disability based discrimination. The article did not provide information as to how many cases were resolved in favor of employers versus employees.

With heavy focus on employees’ civil rights, it is always important to remember the rights of employers as well. Companies that face employer liability claims that may be in need of a good employer liability defense may wish to identify an experienced lawyer to have available for consultation when needed.

Source: Dallas Business Journal, “Texas leads nation in employment discrimination cases,” Mike W. Thomas, March 31, 2014

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