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April 2014 Archives

Supreme Court to decide intellectual property case this month

Business lawsuits can encompass many types of actions. It may be focused on a contract dispute, an employment issue such as sexual harassment or wrongful termination, it may be related to an asserted breach of contract or more. Business owners in Miami and around the nation must carefully monitor their actions and those of the businesses with whom they interact to maintain appropriate relations and functions. When problems do arise that cannot be amicably decided, business litigation can provide an arena to settle matters.

Multiple construction defect lawsuits filed over Vegas hotel

Miami is home to many a complex commercial construction project. From large hotels and resorts to office buildings and condominiums and more, the world of engineering and constructing complex structures is anything but foreign to this area. Like any business area, some of the times problems occur with such ventures. The reasons for these problems can vary dramatically and, when unable to be resolved in any other way, construction litigation may ensue.

Attorney comments leads to overturned sexual harassment decision

Employers are required by law to provide a safe working environment for all employees. This includes an environment free of discrimination, harassment or other related problems. Florida companies work hard to uphold these laws and offer good conditions to workers. When an employee complains about a problem in a job situation or initiates a business dispute, it is important to remember that a claim is simply than and may not be an accurate reflection of all facts.

Florida had second highest rate of discrimination cases

The world of employment law is complex with both employers and employees deserving the right for fair treatment at all times. A business dispute that erupts over employment regulations, wrongful discharge or another related topic can be challenging for both sides. Florida employers are often at risk of false accusations from employees for many reasons and have a strong need to protect from lawsuits that are unfair to them.

Wrongful discharge law challenged to State Supreme Court

The world of employment law in Florida can be complex. The laws surrounding wrongful discharge, sexual harassment, employment contracts and more are designed to provide fair treatment to all parties and protect those wronged when appropriate. Many such business litigation laws vary from state to state. Sometimes different states may even learn new ideas for how to approach certain areas based upon another state’s practices.

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