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Samsung trying to suck away millions from Dyson in lawsuit

Business disputes of all kinds happen every day, in the Miami areas, as well as in any other location. Companies don’t always see things the same way, which can lead to litigation, especially when big money and corporate images are involved.

The battle between Korean electronics maker Samsung and U.K. vacuum maker Dyson is heating up. According to reports, Samsung is suing Dyson for damages after it claims a previous lawsuit by Dyson hurt its corporate image. Dyson reportedly sued Samsung over a patent dispute last year after the Korean company introduced its “Motion Sync” vacuum cleaner. According to the suit, Dyson’s founder claimed that Samsung’s vacuum was a “cynical rip-off” of Dyson’s already patented steering system.

Samsung was able to prove that it had been working on the system for more than a year and Dyson decided to withdraw its lawsuit. However, now Samsung is suing Dyson for 10 billion won, or about $9.43 million for what it calls damage to its corporate image. This is not the first time Dyson has sued Samsung for patent infringement. Therefore, Samsung is hoping that its countersuit will deter similar suits from Dyson going forward.

If you are involved in any kind of business dispute with another company or an employee, then you might want to seek the help of an experienced business litigation attorney. A knowledgeable business litigation lawyer understands how these complex cases work and he or she can provide you with the assistance you need when facing a contract or other similar business dispute.


Source: Venture Beat, “Samsung sues Dyson over 'groundless' copycat litigation,” Eric Blattberg, Feb. 17, 2014

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