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March 2014 Archives

Storm water drainage subject of construction defect lawsuit

Florida construction companies face many challenges in the execution of their work. Sometimes, these challenges are not directly related to the ability to properly or fully perform a job but rather they can be related to interactions with the clients. Accusations of a construction defect can happen and companies must be able to defend themselves against them in order for their businesses to be able to survive.

Woman who claims she was sexually harassed suing Starbucks

There are many reasons employees and employers don’t always see eye-to-eye. Sometimes, people in the Miami area, or anywhere else, have legitimate complaints against their employers, but many times, even though an employee makes claims of wrongful treatment or harassment, the stories are not necessarily true. Even if the person appears to have a legitimate complaint, until all the facts are known it’s important not to rush to judgment.

Subcontractor suing for damages from construction company

New construction projects begin just about every day in the Miami area and they involve many different companies. Although there can be disagreements in almost any business venture, most of the time these can be resolved without going to court. However, when a dispute can’t be resolved between the companies involved then it may require the help of a judge.

It's 'lights, camera, action' for film studio development in Miami

Local officials may use a variety of means to help develop property and business opportunities in specific areas. For example, the Community Redevelopment Agency in Miami works to attract businesses that will help the city thrive. Not long ago, the agency announced a major deal with a film studio that involves public financing.

Samsung trying to suck away millions from Dyson in lawsuit

Business disputes of all kinds happen every day, in the Miami areas, as well as in any other location. Companies don’t always see things the same way, which can lead to litigation, especially when big money and corporate images are involved.

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