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February 2014 Archives

Panama Canal extension may be in jeopardy over contract disputes

Business deals come in all shapes and sizes in the Miami area, as well as anywhere else. Whenever large amounts of money are in play the stakes become that much higher. Likewise, when many different parties are involved the chance for disagreement also rises, which in some cases can lead to contract disputes or even litigation.

Landlord files suit against former renter over contract dispute

There are hundreds of types of contracts that people in the Miami area enter into every day. It’s important to understand that these contracts are legally binding documents that are intended to hold people accountable for their actions. When someone attempts to break the guidelines of a contract they could be held accountable in court, and in turn be ordered to pay damages or restitution.

Woman files breach of contract suit against popular retailer

Most people in Miami who use their credit or debit cards when they shop probably don’t give the swipe of their card a second thought. However, a lot of important and private information is passed every time a card is used. That leads to the question, of whether or not a store has the legal obligation to make sure that data is secure and whether or not a store can be held liable if that data is breached.

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