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January 2014 Archives

Florida group agrees to settle alleged mortgage relief scam suit

As many people in the Miami area continue to struggle with the economy, some of them are finding it difficult to stay on top of their financial situation, including staying current on their mortgages. There are several legitimate services that can help. However, there are other companies who may not have the consumer's best interest in mind.

Man facing prospect of more charges over failed business deals

Business deals are made every day in the Miami area as well as many other places. Sometimes these deals go well and other times they don’t. When two or more parties have a business dispute it may take intervention from a judge to settle the matter.

South Florida radio host files suit against Seminole Tribe

In the world of business many deals are entered into every day. Some deals are sound and never experience any real problems. However, sometimes when two or more parties agree upon a deal they don’t always stick to their agreement. When a business deal in the Miami area goes sour it could end up going to court where it will be up to a judge to decide the outcome.

Marketing company files suit against South Florida muse

When a business, or a person running a business, in the Miami area is faced with some kind of business litigation he or she could have a lot of questions and concerns. Time is money for most businesses, which means a company or the people running it probably don’t have a lot of extra time to worry about lawsuits. However, any kind of lawsuit has to be taken serious.

Singer to appear in Florida court over missed concert

When people and/or businesses enter into contracts those agreements are legal and binding. Anytime someone in the Miami area fails to live up to his or her part of such an agreement he or she could be held liable for any damages to the other party involved in the contract.

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