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Former Miami Heat player sued for breach of contract

People and companies enter into all types of agreements and contracts on a daily basis in Florida and everywhere else. Although there can be disagreements over the life of a contract, most of the time the parties involved can overcome them and move forward. However, sometimes it takes the help of the legal system when two sides can’t work out their differences.

Former NBA player, Damon Jones, who spent part of his career playing for the Miami Heat, is being sued for breach of contract. According to reports, Pro Sports MVP, a marketing company, is suing Mr. Jones because they claim he failed to live up to a contract he signed with the company to do meet-and-greets and visits in Afghanistan. The company claims that Mr. Jones told them he couldn’t go because he was obligated to help broadcast the NBA Finals. However, according to Pro Sports MVP he later changed his story, saying that a sick family member kept him from going.

Pro Sports MVP says that because Mr. Jones failed to go the military canceled other contracts with the company and was now suing them for breach of contract. In the meantime, although Mr. Jones claimed he was visiting his sick family member on the day he was supposed to leave for Afghanistan, he was allegedly photographed at the Miami Heat’s championship party that night.

If a court rules in favor of Pro Sports MVP then Mr. Jones could be held liable to pay the company damages. When a contract is entered into there are many factors involved. If a person or a company ends up in any kind of contract dispute he or she could probably use the help of an experienced business litigation attorney.

Source: The Star-Ledger, “Ex-Nets player sued for backing out on war vets,” Charles Curtis, Dec. 9, 2013.

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