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Florida woman claims BET wrongly took control of her website

Business deals and contracts are agreed upon on a daily basis in the Miami area and most of the time they work out just fine. However, sometimes those involved don’t always see eye-to-eye, which can lead to contract disputes.

A woman from South Florida has filed a lawsuit against Black Entertainment Television (BET) over a website. The dispute stems from a Facebook site that the woman created to help the network promote one of its shows called “The Game.” According to court papers, the woman claims that BET has taken control of the site after the two sides couldn’t agree on payment.

The woman reportedly created the Facebook page as a fan of the show in order to promote it. According to court reports, BET began paying her in 2010 to do social media freelance work. Reportedly the TV network did make several offers to the woman for the site, but they were never able to come to an agreement. The woman is making several claims, including breach of contract and “breach of good faith and fair dealing.” She is asking for unspecified damages. BET claims that the woman is actually the one who breached the contract.

When two parties can’t agree on a business deal it can often lead to lawsuits. Although a contract might be in place not everyone always lives up to the terms of a contract. When that happens sometimes it will be left up to a court to decide who is in the right. Anyone who is dealing with this type of legal matter should probably speak with a business and commercial lawyer very soon.

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune, “Florida woman sues BET in dispute over 'The Game' Facebook page she developed,” Curt Anderson, Nov. 20, 2013

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