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December 2013 Archives

Former Miami Heat player sued for breach of contract

People and companies enter into all types of agreements and contracts on a daily basis in Florida and everywhere else. Although there can be disagreements over the life of a contract, most of the time the parties involved can overcome them and move forward. However, sometimes it takes the help of the legal system when two sides can’t work out their differences.

Delayed Florida hotel and resort reportedly to be sold

Hundreds of construction projects are going on in the South Florida area at any given time. Although there is always the possibility of a disagreement, most of these projects are carried out without any kind of business litigation. However, there are times when different entities can’t see eye-to-eye, which can lead to legal action.

South Florida bank increasing its commercial loans

Business deals happen every day in Miami and that means business and contract disputes can happen every day as well. Whenever these kinds of disagreements arise there may be a need for legal help for those involved. As the commercial real estate market continues to see signs of improvement, businesses and lenders may see even more need for legal council.

Florida woman claims BET wrongly took control of her website

Business deals and contracts are agreed upon on a daily basis in the Miami area and most of the time they work out just fine. However, sometimes those involved don’t always see eye-to-eye, which can lead to contract disputes.

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