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November 2013 Archives

Florida high on the list in commercial real estate values

Anyone in the Miami area who is involved in the real estate business understands the challenges involved. However, despite those difficulties, there are signs that the market continues to improve, which means there will most likely be an increasing number of commercial and residential development projects and deals to be made in the coming months and years.

Homebuilder, design firm in battle over completing house plans

Every company, no matter how large or small will have some kind of legal needs. Many times those matters are easy to resolve and simple to overcome. However, there are some business disputes in the Miami area that can lead to legal needs that are much more significant.

Restructuring battle at drug company prompts CEO to quit

Every company, no matter how successful, will have disagreements from time to time. Many times those involved can resolve those differences without having to involve lawyers. However, sometimes business disputes in the Miami area can lead to terminations or even litigation, as those involved can’t agree on a resolution.

Civic Association settles lawsuit with miniature golf course

When a construction project begins in the Miami area there are always many legal factors to consider for those involved. Sometimes the different parties don’t always see eye-to-eye. When that happens it could lead to a lawsuit.

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