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October 2013 Archives

Hotel company planning large expansion into South Florida area

As the economy continues to make small steps forward, the real estate market is showing signs of improvement, including in the South Florida area. The commercial real estate market may still seem like a tough area for growth, but there are deals to be done and development projects in the works.

Stock options trade suit settled out of court for millions

Thousands of stock deals go down without a hitch every day all over the country, including in the Miami area. However, not all deals are completely ethical and some are even totally illegal. These deals can sometimes lead to shareholder disputes among company members and owners.

Navy gets court's backing to construct new underwater facility

There are many buildings under construction in the Miami area every day. Most of these projects go from start to finish without any problems. However, sometimes the different parties involved can be at odds involving one or more aspects of a given project. When that happens they may end up in court in order to determine the outcome.

Real estate leading the charge in Florida's growing economy

Although there have been many different factors that have contributed to the nations economy woes, real estate and mortgages have been identified as two of the largest contributors. However, every market is different and in South Florida, real estate has actually been one of the lead contributors to the area’s growing economy.

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