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With contract pending popular tourist attraction may reopen soon

When people, businesses or government agencies enter contracts there is always potential for disagreements. People in the Miami area don’t always see things the same way, especially when money comes into question. When contract disputes arise they can be lengthy and costly for all those involved.

People who live in the Miami area might be aware that one of the regions favorite tourist sites hasn’t been open to the public recently. Warm Mineral Springs has been closed since July because Sarasota County and the city of North Port have been battling over how to operate the park they jointly own. The original idea for the property was to develop new structures like a hotel or spa facility. However, city commissioners have been opposed to new development on the property.

There may some good news in the debate for fans of the popular tourist site. The springs could be reopening soon after Sarasota county commissioners chose a short-term vendor to operate the site. The property should be able to remain open while both of the government agencies work on a long-term agreement. Both parties do agree that this is a step in the right direction in their long-going, sometimes heated, dispute.

When it comes to contract disputes, resolving differences and reaching a compromise that everyone can live with is the key. However, that is sometimes easier said than done. When a case becomes so heated that lawsuits are involved, speaking with an experienced business litigation attorney is probably a very good idea.

Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune, “Warm Mineral Springs likely to reopen soon,” Zac Anderson, Sep. 10, 2013.

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