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September 2013 Archives

With contract pending popular tourist attraction may reopen soon

When people, businesses or government agencies enter contracts there is always potential for disagreements. People in the Miami area don’t always see things the same way, especially when money comes into question. When contract disputes arise they can be lengthy and costly for all those involved.

Florida resort ready to battle homeowners association in court

There can be complications involved when any business deal gets done, including deals made in the Miami area. Whether its construction or real estate or any other type of business deal there is always a chance that the parties involved will not see eye to eye throughout the process. That's why it's important to understand the legal ramifications of any business agreement.

Private college reaches settlement in fraud lawsuit

There are many different private businesses around the country, which offer several products and services, including many in the Miami area. Most businesses are on the level, however not all of them are genuine. When a business turns out to be different than advertised sometimes people can feel as though they have been the victims of fraud.

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