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Miami singer files breach of contract action

It is common to see musicians cross over into other types of commercial businesses. For instance, a musical artist might create a jingle for a commercial or oversee songs that are incorporated into a movie, Broadway show or television series.

Musicians can even expand their brand by entering into partnerships to design items of clothing, cosmetics or accessories. Because it is hard to continue to craft hit songs on a long-term basis, it is a smart move for an artist to use his or her celebrity to create a business plan. However, when disputes between strategic partners arise, it can lead to business litigation

Miami resident Jon Secada is well known for making music over the past 20 years. The highly accomplished musician wrote and sang the popular song “Just Another Day” back in 1992. In 2010, Secada hired a Delray Beach company to find and create new business opportunities for him. However, Secada has since filed a complaint alleging that neither the company nor its principal took any effort to promote Secada’s brand. The breach of contract dispute further alleges that the company failed to utilize Secada’s trademark to generate prospects. Secada has asked the court to find that the company no longer has the ability to use Secada’s name.

When a company fails to provide promised services, it can be best to sever the relationship between the parties. However, a contract dispute is not always easily resolved; the parties may be angry and frustrated. In these circumstances, hiring an attorney can be best solution. Legal counsel can make every effort to terminate the contract on agreeable terms, but a lawyer will also be ready to prepare for litigation if necessary. 

Source: Palm Beach Post, “Singer Jon Secada sues Delray Beach licensing firm,” Alexandra Clough, July 23, 2013

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