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July 2013 Archives

Ritz-Carlton Fort Lauderdale sold after years of litigation

The Ritz-Carlton Fort Lauderdale is a showpiece of a hotel, resplendent with ocean front views, an 8,500-square-foot spa, and four restaurants. Guests can enjoy lounging in private cabanas by the pool enjoying the warm Florida sun under the gentle sway of palm trees. In fact, the six-year old luxury hotel, which spent years mired in commercial litigation, was just purchased for nearly $66 million dollars by a company called RCFL Investor LLC. The transaction represents South Florida’s most expensive hotel purchase in the last four months.  

Lawsuit may have implications for businesses in Florida

When a patient enters a medical facility or clinic in Florida, they are guaranteed complete confidentiality and privacy under federal and local laws. If that confidentiality is breached, the alleged perpetrator may face serious consequences and the hospital itself may face reprimands and lawsuits. If medical data is accessed by someone who does not have the need to see it, the person may still be fired and reprimanded for the breach. One hospital patient chose to file a lawsuit against a medical group in Florida, citing a breach of contract with the state as he received medical treatment.

Miami commercial real estate purchased by high profile investor

Along with the summer sun in July, real estate in Miami just keeps getting hotter and hotter. Announcements of new purchases, sales, and redevelopments are constantly in the Florida news, and the prices reflect confidence in the Miami commercial real estate market. In sharp contrast to the real estate slump during the recent recession, well-respected investors are turning to Miami with the expectation that the good times are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.

Florida businessman taken hostage in Chinese factory

Frequently, American companies utilize overseas factories and foreign workers for manufacturing. Items made overseas can be completed quickly, efficiently, and for less cost. However, if business disputes arise between American owners and foreign workers, the result can be very different from the orderly system found in the United States.

Paula Deen’s reputation affected by employment litigation

Building a business and a brand can be extremely fulfilling for an entrepreneur. In Miami and across the United States, a great idea, an engaging personality, hard work, and a little luck can create a recipe for success. Becoming a well-known and financially successful employer, however, can create problems of its own. There are employees who may be tempted to file commercial litigation or an employment discrimination lawsuit in hopes of obtaining a monetary windfall.

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