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June 2013 Archives

Litigation filed to resolve Miami hotel dispute

When two companies enter into a contract, it can be similar to a marriage. The parties believe that they have the same priorities, goals, and dreams for the future. While commercial business owners do not agree to stay together for life, they may sign a long term contract contemplating a business arrangement that lasts for 20 years or longer. Generally, the relationship gets off to a good start, but it can erode over time leading to messy and challenging business litigation.

Florida hotel management change ignites breach of contract claims

When the owner of a property in Florida hires a company to maintain and manage the property, they may sign an agreement that defines what is expected of both parties during the period of the partnership. If either party breaks that agreement in any way, it may be considered breach of contract and the party that has been wronged has the option to pursue the matter in court. The court may then require both parties to meet their obligations, or may require the party breaking the contract to compensate the other party.

Contract dispute involves father of Miami Heat player

Representing sports stars can be a lucrative business. If a player on top of his game, numerous teams may express interest in hiring the player, and a contract can be in the millions of dollars. Some companies that represent sports figures have been in the business for years, while others are fresh collaborations between people who are interested in getting into the business.  New businesses can be spectacular when they successfully combine the talents of their founders, but they are at risk of contract disputes when personalities fail to mesh. 

Florida condo development stalled by construction litigation

When a developer decides to erect a new condominium building, it tends to see all the positives of the construction. The site may be in a desirable location, it may have great views, and the market to rent or purchase units could be strong. The developer may get all the permits and requirements in place and line up the contractors to begin breaking ground. However, in some cases, progress can come to a total standstill due to neighbors who file construction litigation because they object to the project. 

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