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Celebrity perfume subject of contract dispute

When an actor, singer, or sports star becomes famous, there are many possibilities for expanding that person's brand. Indeed, fans seem to never get enough of celebrity clothing and cosmetic lines. However, when a superstar branches out into retail, there are more demands on the individual's time. He or she must promote products by making public appearances and posing in advertising campaigns. While some celebrities appear to enjoy the promotion aspect of their goods, others seem less enamored of the process.

The actress and singer, Selena Gomez, may be tired of endorsing her own perfume line, which saw strong sales last year. She recently skipped a public appearance at a Miami department store meant to publicize her fragrance and has had little presence in Mexican advertising campaigns for the product. Moreover, her handlers advised the development company for the scent that Gomez's license agreement would end in a month. This news did not sit well with the firm, and it filed a lawsuit alleging breach of contract, among other claims, against Gomez.

Gomez points to the fact that the developer did not pay the perfume's manufacturer and that lets her out of her business contract. During the course of the litigation, the court will have to review all of the relevant documents to get to the bottom of the disagreement. It is best to have extremely clear and concise contracts before parties go into business together; it is helpful for each party to have an exit strategy if a dispute arises. People starting business ventures may wish to meet with an experienced attorney to discuss their arrangement and to draft a carefully worded contract.

Source: Courthouse News Service, "Selena Gomez Sued by Perfume Company," Annie Youderian, April 30, 2013

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