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May 2013 Archives

Bethune-Cookman University fights age discrimination claim

When an employee is let go by a company, there are commonly hard feelings. Because it is difficult to hear criticism about performance, an employee may look for another excuse for the employment separation. For instance, if the employee's replacement has a different gender, age or ethnicity, the employee may claim that the employer engaged in improper discrimination. Employers must then be prepared to show that the worker was fired for a legitimate reason, such as poor performance. If the former employee does not back off from the claim, the parties may have to engage in business litigation to resolve the dispute.

MMA promoter and fighter in employment contract dispute

Employment contracts are often signed between people with talent and their promotion companies. In this way, the actor, artist, or sports figure can receive exposure in large venues to huge audiences. At the same time, a big name talent can bring in major dollars for the promotion company. Ideally, the employment contract results in a win-win situation for both parties. However, if the relationship sours, an employment contract that is not crystal clear can result in complicated business litigation.

Companies entering into Florida contracts can also work in Cuba

In 2012, Florida lawmakers determined that work performed in Florida should not benefit companies that also do business in Cuba. Legislation was passed targeting companies with a parent company or subsidiary with Cuban connections. These companies were banned from entering into a state or local Florida contract worth $1 million or more.

Celebrity perfume subject of contract dispute

When an actor, singer, or sports star becomes famous, there are many possibilities for expanding that person's brand. Indeed, fans seem to never get enough of celebrity clothing and cosmetic lines. However, when a superstar branches out into retail, there are more demands on the individual's time. He or she must promote products by making public appearances and posing in advertising campaigns. While some celebrities appear to enjoy the promotion aspect of their goods, others seem less enamored of the process.

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