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Back pay claims filed by Marlins stadium construction workers

Summer is approaching, and with it comes some of America's favorite activities, such as heading to the local ballpark to eat hot dogs and cheer on the home team. When baseball aficionados enter a new ballpark, they generally admire the stadium on their way to finding their seats in the crowd. Most people do not think twice about the laborers who built the stadium from the ground up. However, the workers who built Florida's new Marlins stadium are not happy about the fact that they had to file construction litigation to recover sums they say were not properly paid.

Some of the construction workers involved in the dispute argue that despite working specialized jobs, they were paid smaller sums because they were classified only as general laborers. Others claim that they worked for hours that were never paid. Certain workers say that they were fired after they brought the shortcomings to the attention of county officials, and others assert they were not compensated for overtime hours. In an effort to recover outstanding sums, construction crews have filed claims against the subcontractor and contractor on the Marlins stadium project.

It is extremely frustrating to work hard on a construction project and not receive the agreed upon payment. When a construction dispute become complex, it is important that each and every worker owed money has a voice in the legal proceedings or settlement process in order to receive appropriate back pay. Accordingly, construction workers who are due any sort of payment may wish to consult with an experienced attorney to review the rights and remedies legally available to them.

Source: The Miami Herald, "Marlins stadium construction crews waiting for back pay," Brenda Medina, March 22, 2013

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