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April 2013 Archives

Florida banks optimistic on commercial lending

It appears that Florida strategists who advised investors that good times were just around the corner may have been correct. The massive numbers of foreclosures that occurred during the recession are mostly resolved, and the latest news from the Florida banking industry is that commercial real estate lending is heating up. After many years of little to no lending opportunities, banks are cautiously putting out ‘open for business’ signs. 

Florida judge unhappy with wireless companies' strategies

Business owners often sue competitors for claims related to unfair competition. Restaurants argue that other establishments duplicate décor and menus. Sales companies complain that competing firms steal employees or customer lists. Luxury clothing designers worry that customers might confuse cheap knock-offs with the real thing. Musicians accuse singers of taking their lyrics. The same holds true for wireless device firms Apple, Inc. and Google, Inc. The two behemoths have been locked in Florida litigation since 2010; they accuse each other of improperly copying aspects of the other's wireless gadgets.

Miami commercial leasing market improves

Over the past several years of the recession, Florida's economy could be described as dismal. Jobs were scarce, banks did not want to lend money, and businesses were not inclined to take risks on leasing new office space. Few companies were expanding and instead were staying put or even downsizing. For these reasons, some experts advised against investing in Florida commercial real estate.

Florida hospice fights sexual harassment claims

News stories that describe sexual harassment litigation are often eye catching. The articles are rife with accusations of suggestive comments and inappropriate subject matter in the workforce. At first glance, it is tempting to believe the allegations, but it is critical to remember that there are two sides to every story, and not all employees tell the truth. Oftentimes, employees have motives to exaggerate or even falsify stories about their co-workers or supervisors.

Back pay claims filed by Marlins stadium construction workers

Summer is approaching, and with it comes some of America's favorite activities, such as heading to the local ballpark to eat hot dogs and cheer on the home team. When baseball aficionados enter a new ballpark, they generally admire the stadium on their way to finding their seats in the crowd. Most people do not think twice about the laborers who built the stadium from the ground up. However, the workers who built Florida's new Marlins stadium are not happy about the fact that they had to file construction litigation to recover sums they say were not properly paid.

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