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Actress Lindsay Lohan could be sued for breach of contract

It seems we've been hearing a lot about Lindsay Lohan in the media lately. Whether it be a hit-and-run charge in New York or a felony grand theft charge in California, it would seem that there has been no shortage of legal woes for the star of "Mean Girls."

Some sources say this may be only the beginning of the litigation difficulties that Ms. Lohan is likely to face in the future. This will all depend, of course, on whether she is convicted in another case.

According to reports, in June of this year, the actress was involved in an accident in which she rear ended a large semi-truck. She claims she was not driving the vehicle though police believe otherwise. Since she is still on probation from another case, it is likely that she could face charges related to falsifying information to police.

If convicted, this will greatly complicate her agreement with Lifetime which could end in a civil lawsuit. According to the contract agreement with Lifetime's insurance company, Ms. Lohan is explicitly prohibited from getting behind the wheel or riding in any other vehicle other than the one provided-with a driver-by Lifetime throughout the six week filming period of the movie "Liz and Dick."

According to sources, if the district attorney's office files a case against Ms. Lohan, Lifetime could file a breach of contract which could hold serious consequences for the actress legally as well as financially.

Both Lifetime and Ms. Lohan's attorneys are refusing to comment on the allegations while the investigation continues though they had admitted to be in discussions to see if the dispute can be handled before taking it to court.

Source: Fox News, "Source: Lifetime may sue Lindsay Lohan for breach of contract," Hollie McKay, Nov. 28, 2012

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