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October 2012 Archives

T-Mobile retains name after multi-million-dollar merger

Last year, AT&T attempted to purchase T-Mobile for an approximate $39 billion, leaving only three major cell phone carriers available in the market. Though the Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice ultimately shot down AT&T's bid, it left many to wonder what the future for T-Mobile was going to be.

Home build KB Home could face legal trouble for construction defects

Since July of this year, the Florida Attorney General's office claims that they have been receiving reports of structural defects in neighborhoods built by KB Homes, a licensed home builder in Florida. A majority of the homes were located in the Willowbrook neighborhood, but now homeowners in this area feel that complaints should be extended to other KB Homes' properties.

Homeowners, builders seek remedy for defective Chinese drywall

Homeowners and builders are suing a Chinese drywall company that they say manufactured defective and harmful drywall products that were installed in many homes in Florida and across the south. A judge in Florida recently determined that the courts there do have jurisdiction over the Chinese company, which imported the drywall through a subsidiary that operated heavily in the state.

Streetlight contract dispute could cause problems down the road

Most people assume that if there's any one place that has it together when it comes to the law it is Washington, D.C. But a recent contract dispute regarding streetlight management has people in Florida worried that a similar problem could occur in their hometowns too.

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