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August 2012 Archives

Mall's contract dispute could affect sports teams

Florida sports fans and mall-lovers may be watching the Giants and the Jets as they pursue their litigation against the construction of a megamall adjacent to their home stadium. The sports teams claim that the construction of the complex is a sort of breach of contract, as the teams were not consulted about changes to construction of the project. They believe the megamall will have adverse affects on the MetLife stadium where they play, and on the teams' home games.

The fight continues: Apple and Samsung litigation

If you follow this blog, Miami consumers are likely aware of the litigation currently pending between Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics. The business litigation surrounds Apple's accusations that Samsung has copied designs of Apple's iPad and iPhone, while at the same time Samsung is countering that Apple drew inspiration for its product from Sony Corp. Last week, the trial officially began with its initial rounds of testimony.

Will real estate funds survive?

A real estate fund is a mutual fund, which invests in mainly mortgages and real estate. The purpose of the fund is to produce income and capital gains for its investors. Real estate funds in Florida invest in residential and commercial real estate. These funds have historically been dominant in the real estate sector; however, many are speculating that its sector dominance could be nearing an end.

Apple and Samsung in intellectual property conflict

It seems like every day in the news, major technology companies are feuding of software ownership rights. Business owners in Florida are probably aware that electronics giant Apple is suing Samsung in federal court for allegedly violating several of Apple's patents. The intellectual property dispute arose over both companies' smartphones. This matter will be translated into business litigation in the United States.

Partnership termination expected to drive competition

Florida residents know that it is not uncommon for joint business owners to face numerous disputes throughout the term of their ownership. However, sometimes these disputes become difficult to resolve among parties. This can often lead to business litigation in an effort to resolve the dispute. This type of disagreement has led to the end of MSNBC, a joint venture between Microsoft and NBC.

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