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June 2012 Archives

SemiLEDs and Cree resolve intellectual property dispute

Florida entrepreneurs may know that there are many different types of disputes that occur among businesses. One common issue of litigation is intellectual property. Generally, federal intellectual property law includes areas of copyright, patent and trademark laws. The principles are designed to encourage the development of information by granting property rights of innovative creations to the people. Ultimately, such laws protect inventions and creations from infringement. Recently, Cree, Inc., which is a leader in LED lighting, announced that Cree and SemiLEDs have agreed to end their patent infringement business dispute.

Veterinarian purchases commercial building in Florida

As the economy gradually recovers, it's always interesting to learn about Florida's new wave of development. In recent news, a veterinarian that is doing business as Atlantic Veterinary Centers has recently purchased a 5,200-square-foot commercial building at South Nova Road for $515,000. According to the veterinarian, he plans to continue operating the property as a multi-tenant center. At this time, one unit is leased to a hair salon.

Walgreen and Express Scripts back away from their fight

Some Florida companies know that after negotiations, mediations and countless other measures, sometimes, the best option is to walk away from a business conflict. In recent business news, pharmacy benefits manager Express Scripts and drugstore operator Walgreen said they are ending their legal dispute. Specifically, the two companies are dismissing their legal claims against one another.

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