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Providing Mediation Advice and Arbitrators for Civil Litigation and Construction Contracts

The State of Florida court system requires mediation for most civil litigation cases. This helps keep cases that can be resolved in this way from clogging the courts and allows more control over the resolution to be in the hands of the parties involved. In 1987, the Florida legislature authorized the creation of citizen dispute settlement centers and referral of cases to family mediation by the judiciary. This has continued to develop into a very successful program all over the state in terms of resolving lawsuits before they come before a judge.

Mediation is a process in which parties in dispute sit down with a neutral mediator to negotiate a settlement. This is very effective in cases where the goals of each side may be within the range of each other, and it merely takes some effort to bring both sides to an understanding that is mutually beneficial. It is also very useful in family law cases where the couple agrees on most of their separation decisions but are having problems resolving a few "hot button" issues. Mediation frequently gives all parties more control over their final outcome, leaving everyone in a much better place, going forward.

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Coral Gables Arbitration Lawyers

Many construction contracts require arbitration as part of their contractual agreement, particularly those drafted by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Arbitration involves all parties to the arbitration agreement appearing before a single arbitrator or panel of arbitrators for a decision. A document called an Award is issued as the decision and will act as a binding decision of the matters submitted if provided in the agreement. There are also procedures for non-binding arbitration, depending on the agreement of the parties or the nature of the submission. This gives parties who require a neutral third party to resolve their issues a venue to be heard that is not a courtroom, and where non-binding, allows for further litigation if one or the other party believes it is necessary. Going before a panel arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association can settle a dispute much more quickly, and generally more economically, than going through the court system. The advantage of the arbitration process also lies in the ability to present the dispute to persons who have expertise in the matters in dispute contrary to a Judge or jury who may have little or no experience or understanding of the types of matters in dispute.

Robert A. Hingston is a Construction Panel Arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association. Mr. Hingston is available through the American Arbitration Association or as party-appointed arbitrator, for both binding and non-binding arbitrations. His experience is invaluable when our clients are in a situation which involves arbitration.

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