Miami Insurance Defense Attorneys

Representing Businesses, Insurance Companies and Financial Institutions in Insurance Litigation Matters

If you are having a problem convincing your insurance company to pay on a commercial insurance policy after your company has suffered a disaster of some kind, we have the in-depth knowledge of commercial law to help you take on your adversary.

We also do litigation in the area of commercial crime and fidelity policies, representing financial institutions in cases of employee misconduct, theft and mortgage fraud recovery. Recently we have been representing lenders in cases against mortgage brokers and others involved in the mortgage crisis.

When an insurance company has written a "duty to defend" clause into its contract with an insured, our Miami insurance defense lawyers are a common choice to conduct that defense. Whether it is in insurance coverage litigation or comprehensive general liability insurance (CGL), we have the knowledge of the complex law behind all of this to counsel our clients on their best course of action.

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Coral Gables Insurance Coverage Litigation Attorneys

Welbaum Guernsey has a history of representing insurance companies and their insureds in business and financial disputes. We work closely with our clients on their defense and will advocate for them vigorously in conducting their cases. We handle defense for many different institutions, including banks, credit unions, commercial businesses, construction companies and others from our offices in Florida.

Representing companies in declaratory relief cases is another way we serve the business community. When an insurance contract comes up for dispute, we advise our clients as the court reviews the case.

As in all of our practice, we keep your best interests at heart. Our goal is your satisfaction with the outcome of your case. Contact us at 800-509-4946 to schedule an appointment.